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Version: 0.1.0

Introducing Karma Coin


The world needs a global decentralized cryptocurrency that is actually used by millions of everyday people to fulfill the full potential of crypto as an alternative to national currencies.

The world needs a global, objective and decentralized social graph of core relationships between people and between people and orgs in order to create meaningful digital decentralized identities. The identities are critical for creating an impactful web3 future.


Karma Coin is a cryptocurrency that is initially designed for giving and not for paying, and later for payments and DeFi.

It provides the best mobile user-experience for users with zero technical know-how and gamifies the coin’s global distribution.

Karma Coin builds a robust users and orgs reputation as part of the coin distribution process and it becomes valuable out of real-world assignment of value by users and not by speculation.


Karma Coin is the coin for all of us. Users’ identity based on mobile phone numbers. Karma coin are personal.Β 

Users use one simple mobile native wallet app and don’t have to deal with any crypto keys. In the tradeoff between security and usability, KC chooses usability first.

The Karma Coin ledger is maintained by decentralized validations who run a standard PoStake consensus protocol between them. They get rewarded in KC for operating the network.

The ledger maintains KCoins balance, and users character traits.Β 

App Demo​

Karma Coin Mobile App Demo


Copyright (c) 2022 by the Karma Coin Authors. This work is licensed under the Karma Coin License.